Do you do the following questions?

What is CRM? Learn the basics:

It is an indispensable tool in any organization, firstly, positively resolve the last questions, and if you use it properly can have many more benefits.

Imagine doing the following: know your customers better and faster act on this knowledge; but how? Sign up absolutely all the contacts that have been made with each. And all this information is POWER.

Further, imagine also: to control the work of your sales team for each of the customers and organize future tasks and calendar dates to know availability on a date range.

The benefit of having a CRM not only lies in the simple examples you just read, go much further and much depends on the type of tool you will be using, as well as use it properly. We offer our CRM.

Key Benefits of CRM

The use of CRM in our country has become a must to have organized and improve the business process before, during and after the transaction, look at the following article REVISTA DINERO acerca de los CRM; but it is worth noting that this useful and powerful tool is not used exclusively by large companies, an independent person can make the most and thereafter encompasses all business regardless of size or activity.

SuWebJK CRM benefits Our more than 20 years of experience in the market of SMEs with Administrative and Accounting Software, accompanying more than 450 clients in the organization of your business in all areas, allows us to introduce a proprietary tool, developed from our experience . We will not bring Free CRM code developed by countries superpower, because besides being extremely complicated to handle (and therefore high costs of implementation) bring a very different culture and our way of doing business methodology.

Our solution is easier to use, you yourself can check by accessing our demo, our pricing policy is to have the lowest prices in the market to reach them to all SMEs that costs have not had access to a tool like this and start to assemble your own KNOWING DATABASE.

Meet our CRM Opportunities:

In addition to these brief notes of what you can get, our program exclusively offers you more profits you will not typically find in a CRM, but for your convenience you will facilitate management:

Exclusives, does that too?

Like I mentioned earlier, our experience has enabled us to set up its own product according to the needs and convenience we have collected from our customers, then take a look:

Special features for each client:

In addition to what you already have, we offer according to your needs the following services:

Our program includes support all the time , as well as ongoing updates and maintenance if necessary, backups of your data on our secure servers and 100 % confidentiality.

The program is included for customizing the formats that are printed as quotations, orders, letter, etc.

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